Breaking Free

Wherever you are in your journey, you can achieve financial freedom through whole-picture financial planning and education.

If You Could See Clearly

There is immense value in being able to see your financial road ahead. Financial education doesn’t come naturally and isn’t taught in school. So most people go through life without a clear financial roadmap and by default just go with the flow.

If you do that you are at huge risk in terms of market fluctuations, unnecessary taxes, and ultimately the reality of running out of money when you need it the most.

Having an expert in your corner is the first step to clearing your financial windshield.  With the real facts in hand, you will see clearly what is best for you.


Specific Financial Goals

You may want to buy a house, start a business, save for college expenses, take that big vacation, or retire when you want without compromising your lifestyle. This is where you make a plan to fuel your dreams


Retirement is a big milestone. Others might be divorce or death of a spouse, selling the business, or anything else that makes you stop and think about your future.

Actionable Items

Implementing a plan that we build together might entail anything from refinancing, managing credit, and purchasing insurance to choosing the right investment vehicle.

Ada Catino-Hernandez Working For You


Ada Catino-Hernandez has always asked the questions, “Why?” and “How does that work?” As the child of a teacher, she knew first-hand the power of education and the satisfaction of getting the answers to her questions. Not surprisingly, she pursued a career in engineering and built a career working in the oil fields. Engineers are problem solvers and Ada excelled at finding the right solutions for the challenges at hand.

Married and expecting her first child she had another challenge. How could she leverage resources to transition out of the erratic work schedule of working in different counties and being gone more than 6 months of the year and still maintain a solid financial base?  Plus how to maximize the old 401k from her employer since there was no longer a match or automatic contributions.

The more she researched the options available the more passionate she grew about personal finance and retirement strategies. Why was it so difficult to get the answers and learn what you need to know about mastering your own financial planning?

With education in her blood from the beginning Ada couldn’t help to see that every person deserved to know about and use the tricks and tools that the wealthy have used all along. Now her passion is to teach others what they must know to see their entire financial world clearly.  She is committed to empowering others to utilize the pieces of the financial puzzle in the right way to create better solutions for financial freedom.

Ada Catino-Hernandez


Your goals and best interests always come first.

Financial Architect

I create a plan specific to you.

Financial Consultant

I help you review goals & options.

Tax-Free Strategies

The whole picture helps you optimize your assets.

My biggest reward is the moment someone is finally free from blindly following the noise of the crowd and is free to make independent choices for themselves. Free from the fear of a market crash, free from the risk of running out of money, and free from the guesswork of throwing money into a savings or investment and hoping things will work out.

Ada Catino-Hernandez

“We had no idea we would be able to retire until we talked to Ada, it was really like discovering money we had no idea we had.  Ada salvaged our retirement and protected my idle 401k from imminent decline.”

DeChiara, waitress

Three Steps to Begin


Schedule a Free Consultation

In our first conversation, I seek to understand your current financial picture and what you want to achieve. We'll discuss your challenges and dreams. I may also refer you to educational resources to learn even more.

We Build a Plan Together

Utilizing advanced financial mapping tools, I will pull what we've learned together to create your unique roadmap. You can consider the options with full clarity and make the decisions best for you.

Implement, Test, and Refine the Plan

Together with a circle of trusted professionals, I put the plan you have chosen into action. Our relationship continues as we review, measure progress, and correct our course as needed so you can reach your destination.