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Aah Financial Freedom works in collaboration with Stronghold Wealth Partners and Renovating Retirement.

Your Financial Freedom Team

No one accomplishes great things alone. Ada Catino-Hernandez works with a team of collaborative professionals in insurance, wealth management, tax planning, and estate planning.  She is affiliated with Stronghold Wealth Partners for financial management and Renovating Retirement for an industry-changing approach to tax-planning in retirement.

Ada is also president of the Frisco, TX chapter of  The American Financial Education Alliance.  The public is invited to educational workshops throughout the year to learn themselves about financial tools, taxes, and Social Security.

Ada Catino-Hernandez

Certified MERIT financial planner

with Renovating Retirement.

What is Renovating Retirement?

Charlie Jewett, the founder of Renovating Retirement, and author of a book by the same name is committed to a fiercely straightforward and empowering form of financial planning and education where clients can see the entire process clearly, avoid costly mistakes, and actually realize their financial goals and dreams.

Too many financial advisors rely only on diversified portfolios, selling stocks, or annuity products, but that approach is a weak representation of ONE of the FIVE important areas of your financial plan.    

“A comprehensive MERIT Plan will take care of you and your family whether you have a Long Life, Short Life, Rough Life, Sick Life, and when you finally move into The Next Life.”

Charlie Jewett

Founder of Renovating Retirement

What is MERIT Planning?

To truly accomplish your goals, you need to have all five of the following areas optimized and working harmoniously:






You may have a banker, lawyer, financial advisor, insurance agent, and accountant, but if you don’t have all five of these advisors talking to each other, you have inefficiencies in your plan.  You will have to work longer or keep less of your money at every stage of your life.

Ada’s MERIT Planning certification by Renovating Retirement has trained her to find these inefficiencies, ask you if you want them corrected, put the work in to optimize each area and let you enjoy the benefits of truly taking your financial plan seriously.

Three Steps to Begin


Schedule a Free Consultation

In our first conversation, I seek to understand your current financial picture and what you want to achieve. We'll discuss your challenges and dreams. I may also refer you to educational resources to learn even more.

We Build a Plan Together

Utilizing advanced financial mapping tools, I will pull what we've learned together to create your unique roadmap. You can consider the options with full clarity and make the decisions best for you.

Implement, Test, and Refine the Plan

Together with a circle of trusted professionals, I put the plan you have chosen into action. Our relationship continues as we review, measure progress, and correct our course as needed so you can reach your destination.