Who We Serve

Careful financial planning using solid principles and a clear understanding of tax and interest dynamics is useful to every person who wants to meet financial goals.  However, there are certain times in life when we are called to focus renewed energy on our financial well-being.

Life Milestones
Growing or Changing Families

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Should You Work With Us?

The best time to set up your free consultation is when you are planning for or have just hit a life milestone.

Worried about taxes in the future?

Life milestones might include:

    • Starting to think about retirement
    • Just retired and want to make sure everything is optimized
    • Thinking about saving for a big event like buying a house
    • Just bought a house and looking to make sure everything is protected and optimized
    • Planning for a child
    • Have a child and want to plan for their education and future

The Benefits

The full attention of a dedicated financial planner/educator

Free financial education that applies to your situation

A personalized financial plan that is focused on you and serves as a map to achieving your goals

Every step of the plan is in language you clearly understand and can use to guide your own actions.

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Starting Out

It is never too early to start planning your financial future. Whether starting your first job or starting a family, there are many opportunities to take advantage of to achieve your goals sooner than you could imagine.

Life Transition

Life Transitions

There are many milestones and transitions that mark our lives. Financial goals are often framed by the needs of these special times such as a child’s education, graduation, or wedding, as well as the unexpected illness, death, or divorce.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

It’s difficult to look forward to retirement when you don’t have a solid plan. Even when you do have a plan, there may still be uncertainty that it will be able to provide you income your entire life.  Our approach minimizes risk while maximizing the income results.

Maritime Worker

Oil Field and Maritime Industry Professionals

When a rig loses its contract, or the price of oil drops oil field workers face income instability. Maritime professionals face other challenges with long hitches at sea, long stretches at home, side gigs, and big dreams. As a former marine engineer, Ada understands these unique difficulties as well as the path to achieve financial freedom and retirement on your own terms.

“We had no idea we would be able to retire until we talked to Ada, it was really like discovering money we had no idea we had.  Ada salvaged our retirement and protected my idle 401k from imminent decline.”

Somer, a mariner in the offshore oil and gas industry

Three Steps to Begin


Schedule a Free Consultation

In our first conversation, I seek to understand your current financial picture and what you want to achieve. We'll discuss your challenges and dreams. I may also refer you to educational resources to learn even more.

We Build a Plan Together

Utilizing advanced financial mapping tools, I will pull what we've learned together to create your unique roadmap. You can consider the options with full clarity and make the decisions best for you.

Implement, Test, and Refine the Plan

Together with a circle of trusted professionals, I put the plan you have chosen into action. Our relationship continues as we review, measure progress, and correct our course as needed so you can reach your destination.